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have in and half million people are without power today. president obama has declared states of emergency for the good bit of the northeast. pg&e are sending 150 of its employes out to the east coast to help and try to restore power as quickly as possible. by some estimates power could be out for a matter of days to even a week before everything is fully restored. we have some video we can show you this is a rescue team using boats to save stranded people in several towns in new jersey. fire officials and hackensack says water came in so fast that get trapped people in the house as some had to go to the second- floor to escape the rush of water. crews say they have rescued approximately 30 people in that area. more destruction in new york. this is the fire that ripped through portions of queens. a sixth alarm fire. 50 homes were destroyed this morning as crews were battling the blaze. officials said the fire was reported around 11:00 p.m. eastern time last night in a flooded area. that complicated matters crews had a hard time getting to the fire because of the flooded street
president obama out leave it at over romney and swing states employ new hampshire. let's take a look at the numbers. obama is leading in iowa 54 to 40% according to the wall street general pauoll. president obama has a five point lead in the high of 50 to 45%. a reminder that will have extended coverage on kron4 starting at 8:00 p.m. for the election. >> we will be right back as kron4 news continues. a fire in a train in derailment had evacuation's in place. we will show you more details straight ahead. the mt. tam cam shows low clouds along the coast. >> a train derailment and chemical fire that is still burning since yesterday and other kentucky near louisville. the flames came shooting out and the train derailed yesterday. welders were there trying to separate the cars and a sense that turned to fire. the homes of been evacuated because of the papers that are leaking from this the railcar. the chemical burning is a verifiable gas --very flammable >> a strange time to get over the border from kidney at mmexico to california. the smugglers attempted to drive a jeep over a 14 ft. bo
and obama as camp. california and new york new england states and the nation's midsection we're seeing a lot of delegates for taxes going for mitt romney. there's a lot of great area especially pennsylvania ohio and florida. pennsylvania seems again present obama is corner >> i think all the polls will be tightening up. and the case of pennsylvania the numbers still are not looking really good for romney. >> lot of my left over and a lot of ads to pull because a hurricane. you can only put so many ads. john mccain did the same thing with sarah palin at the end of the last campaign. at a sort of the campaign is that do that are in a little bit of desperation of. there can expand that because they're looking for something to get something extra. >> it does seem a lot more difficult for met romney to reach to 70 than it does for present obama. >> if you look at the delegate totals present obama needs 34 more out of the 85 they're out there. that basically means at the as ohio and wisconsin all he basically needs it is if you won virginia a would be over. he basically needs 10 more delegates. th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3